Islam Plans Brutal Treatment For Non-Muslims

"Once Islam dominates America, anyone living inside must abide by our rules. There is no choice. You don't like it? Too bad. Go somewhere else and go to hell."  Substitute "The Third Reich" for "Islam" and these could be the words of Adolph Hitler in 1939. Actually they are the utterances of Sheik Omar Bakri Muhammad interviewed recently in London by World Net Daily journalist Aaron Klein.

The Nazis told us in equally precise terms what they envisioned for America under Adolph Hitler's brand of fascism. We naively ridiculed and ignored the Nazis until Hitler's secretly reorganized Wehrmacht subjected Poland to the world's first taste of Blitzkrieg; quickly transforming the hapless nation into a brutally governed slave state. In the late 1930's, U.S. aviation hero and America First Committee poster boy Charles Lindbergh praised Hitler for his efficiency and the fascist regime's impressive economic recovery. After Pearl Harbor, Lindbergh quickly tried to alter his anti-Semite image by enlisting in the military. President Roosevelt put the kibosh on "Lucky Lindy" becoming an army officer, requiring him to fly his combat missions for the air corps as a civilian.

Today we employ the same head-in-the-sand response to Islamofascism that prevailed among many Americans prior to the outbreak of the Second World War. Militant Muslims make no secret of their plans for the United States once their worldwide caliphate becomes firmly established. In March 2003, Muslim militants in New York City listened attentively as a leader known only as "Faheed" enthusiastically promised that a Muslim would eventually occupy the White House where he would unflinchingly dictate the laws of sharia. This clearly articulated agenda is being repeated almost daily in Muslim press releases and via internet sites operated by militant Islamic organizations, many of which are headquartered here in America.

Minnesota Muslim Keith Ellison's recent election to Congress is widely regarded by Muslims in the U.S. as a portent of greater things to come. Muslims reveled in the fact that Ellison ostentatiously chose a copy of the Qur'an for his swearing in ceremony instead of the traditional Holy Bible used by loyal members of America's Congress for over 225 years. Qur'an thumping Ellison quickly introduced a bill in the House of Representatives calling for scuttling the picture ID as America's gold standard for confirming voter eligibility. Leftist Ellison maintains that picture IDs are the modern equivalent of the Jim Crow era poll tax

It is equally chilling to note that Democratic presidential hopeful Barak Hussein Obama may be considered a Muslim by virtue of the fact that his biological father is thought to have been a Muslim. Unless Obama has formally renounced Islam, and nothing suggests that he has done so, the junior senator from Illinois could become not only America's first black president, but also its first Muslim president. On the other hand, if Obama has publicly forsaken his Muslim roots, an Islamic sharia court could consider him guilty of apostasy, an especially heinous crime punishable by death under sharia. Would international Islam issue a fatwa against an American president or would the mullahs find it more advantageous to retain him as a legitimate Muslim?

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Plight Of American "Dhimmis" In An Islamic America

If we continue on our present course of inaction and allow Islam to incrementally whittle away at the structure of our democracy, life under Islam for non-Muslims, or dhimmis, could become a living hell for America's nearly 250 million Christians and Jews.

According to sharia law, non-Muslims living in an Islamic state are referred to as dhimmis or "protected persons". Muslim militants are eager to point out  that the dhimmis' protected status insures their just and fair treatment. There is clearly a major disconnect between Islam and the rest of the world regarding the meaning of the word "protected". A partial listing of the rules applying to life as a dhimmis in a Muslim controlled state follows:

  • Non-Muslims are not allowed to own land.
  • Construction of new churches or synagogues is strictly forbidden.
  • Existing places of worship are permitted to remain open, but services can not be conducted loudly or in clear view of the public.
  • Non-Muslims are required to pay various special taxes including higher commercial taxes, a special "travel tax" and taxes for the right to cultivate, though not own, farm land.
  • Payment of a special poll tax, or jizya, is assessed at three rates according to the economic conditions of all dhimmis males over the age of puberty.
  • Muslims are accorded preferential status in all legal procedures and transactions. Christians and Jews can not testify against Muslims in court proceedings. Punishment for a crime committed by a Muslim against a non-Muslim can be reduced.
  • American women, Muslim or not, must cover their hair. Those who refuse to comply are to be stoned or jailed until they agree to wear the hijab.
  • All extramarital sex is regarded as prostitution and is severely punished.
  • Men may be permitted several wives, but women do not have the right to divorce their husbands. Only men can instigate divorce and this can be accomplished verbally with a minimum of fuss.
  • Use of alcohol is strictly forbidden. All bars and night clubs are permanently closed.
  • Only Islamic culture is tolerated. American films, music, television, radio and other popular forms of entertainment are strictly forbidden.
  • In matters of inheritance, a husband's wife (or wives) may receive a comparatively small portion of his estate.
The sharia provisions for dhimmis summarized above do not represent an exhaustive list, but serve to underscore the cruel and discriminatory nature of Islam in the social and judicial arenas.

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Sharia Now Operates In America Under The Radar

It is now likely that low profile sharia courts are already operating in parts of the United States containing enclaves of Muslims. This means that the basis for a sharia system has been established in America while we devote wasted resources to "celebrate diversity weeks" and ecumenical study groups convened to persuade Muslims think more kindly towards us. The budding sharia infrastructure in America is being carefully nurtured and financed by militant Islamic advocacy groups such as the well funded Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the ubiquitous Muslim Students Association (MSA).

It is ironical that our scandal hungry media periodically focuses on a minuscule sect of American Mormons still practicing polygamy, while turning a blind eye to the fact that sharia grants Muslims in the U.S. a right to take up to four wives. Clear evidence is now emerging that Muslims in America are exercising this Qur'an-derived mandate in increasing numbers and that spousal abuse is becoming a growing problem in such unions. This unspoken double standard now thrives within hidden sharia "incubators", potential delivery systems designed to someday impose an inferior dhimmis status upon non-Muslim Americans.

A single, renegade Muslim junior congressman and a presidential candidate  born a Muslim clearly do not portend the establishment of a Muslim caliphate in America. But they do represent tentative first steps down a path no patriotic American would chose if Islam's potential as a diabolical political system were more widely comprehended. 

On June 22, 2006 the Pew Global Attitude Project published the results of an in-depth survey designed to determine how Westerners and Muslims view each other. Aside from the chilling fact that 56 percent of British Muslims apparently do not believe that Arabs carried out the 9/11 attacks, the Pew study also learned that 35 percent of French Muslims and 24 percent of British Muslims believe suicide bombing can be justified "sometimes" or "rarely" in order to further the cause of Islam. These shocking findings compiled by a respected research organization leave little doubt that Islam's threat to Western democracy is both impending and real.

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