Groups Fighting Sharia & Islamic Terror

American Congress for Truth is headed by Lebanese emigre Brigette Gabriel. ACT's slogan is "America...the dream that became my address". Forced to leave her native Lebanon when Muslim terrorists high jacked her homeland, Gabriel hit the ground running when finally allowed to enter the United States. Convinced that the U.S.'s fight against terrorism has become muted by excessive political correctness, ACT's founder is dedicated to restoring America's once joyful voice of optimism and courage. Gabriel has gathered together an impressive Board of Directors to help guide her as she helps empower ordinary citizens to fight back against the threat of militant Islam. This site contains links to several other excellent websites sharing Gabriel's concern for our future and safety.

Operated by former Muslims who have forsaken Islam and turned to other faiths, Apostates of Islam provides a unique window into the often tortured soul of Islam as seen by former Muslims who could no longer tolerate the violence against humanity often perpetrated by Islamists in the name of their religion. A warning: This site is not for the faint of heart . It contains graphic examples of what drove its founders away from the faith of their birth, including a video of a Muslim woman being stoned to death under sharia for a relatively minor infraction.

Anti-CAIR is one of perhaps dozens of such web sites devoted to taking on the deep pocketed, highly radicalized Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR). It is amazing just how much ill will CAIR has managed to engender in the U.S., especially since its ostensible purpose is improving Islam's image in America. Anti-CAIR's slogan is "In Defense of the Constitution". Though rather cluttered in its appearance, this site is full of  important content and useful links to other equally dedicated defenders of our democracy.

Sponsored by the Middle East Forum, Campus Watch reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North America with an aim to improving them. Campus Watch targets  analytical failures, the mixing of politics and scholarship, intolerance of alternative views,
apologetics and educator's abuse of power over students. As its web site notes, Campus Watch fully respects the freedom of speech of those it debates while insisting on its own freedom to comment on their words and deeds. Campus Watch was created to provide a balance to the pro-Islamic bias increasingly common among professors at many of America's liberal college campuses.

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                                     Hittite Bas Relief, Western Turkey, 1400 B.C.

Columnist and author Daniel Pipes presides over this showcase for his prolific output of books and articles on Middle Eastern affairs. Appearing originally as columns in the New York Sun, his highly readable insights into the threat of Islamic terrorism and ways democratic governments can fight back make this site a recommended first stop for anyone needing to be quickly brought up to speed on this vital subject.

A blogger who ventures where angels fear to tread best describes Debbie Schlussel.  Debbie is a fascinating cross between a film reviewer and a gutsy Jill of all trades. One of her specialties is exposing Islamic terrorists, sleeper cells and various other fascist fellow travelers, regardless of whether they lurk in Dearbornistan or Dubai. Schlussel's tenacity has to be seen to be believed. If you can wade through the frequent movie reviews, Debbie's web site is a gold mine of useful information. She has been instrumental in keeping the infamous "Flying Imams" plot and the "Sharia Cabs" affair in the public eye.

According to the Qur'an, "dhimmi" are protected people free to practice their own religion within a sharia regime. Persons assigned dhimmi status by Muslim theocracies are subjected to a number of humiliating restrictions designed to enforce the Qur'an's edict  that they must always feel "subdued". Dhimmi Watch argues that silence on the plight of the world's millions of dhimmi has become a deadly one in light of worldwide Islamic terrorism and adamantly maintains this silence must no longer be tolerated.

The Horowitz Freedom Center is dedicated to defending America's free society by educating citizens to preserve traditional constitutional values of individual freedom, rule of law, private property and limited government. A new Terrorism Awareness Program is the latest undertaking of the center. The program is designed to help students at all levels obtain and use intellectual tools to expose the truth about jihad and its pernicious alliance with campus leftists. The Freedom Center also operates Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch under the watchful eye of director David Horowitz.

The Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity (ISIC) is directed by theologian Patrick Sookhdeo as an independent, non-profit, academic entity. In the words of director Sookhdeo, "ISIC aims to present an objective, robust and rigorous understanding of the relevant issues" pertaining to increasing tensions between Islam and the West. ISIC  brings an even handed, dispassionate frame of reference to this volatile subject.

Jihad Watch features the books by author Robert Spencer including his best sellers "The Truth About Muhammad: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam" and "Religion of Peace: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't".  More than simply a showcase for Spencer's books, Jihad Watch strives to identify and expose new manifestations of Islamofascist sedition,  duplicity and espionage.

The goal of Mapping Sharia is to locate, describe and regularly observe every mosque, Islamic cultural center and madrasa in America. Its parent organization, Saneworks, regards these facilities as likely venues for Islamic terrorism and intends to report its  findings to local law enforcement agencies and our federal intelligence services. It's an under statement to observe that officials of CAIR, MSA and other radical Muslim groups look unkindly upon this ambitious project. Islamic operatives have already crossed swords with the retired military intelligence officers heading up the ground breaking activity. Mapping Sharia leaders must be encouraged by the fact that the LAPD recently announced it is considering a plan to map the distribution and demographics of over 500,000 Muslims currently residing in Los Angeles County. This site should be studied by all Americans concerned about home grown Islamic terrorism.

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From his studio in San Francisco, outspoken anti-terrorist, best selling author and intractable advocate for American democracy Michael Savage hosts a remarkably popular radio talk show on the AM band. Savage's frequent over-the-top delivery can raise eyebrows, but more often than not he raises public awareness on issues critical to America's survival. The "Left Coast" based conservative radio personality recently enjoined the terrorist funded Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) in a law suit alleging serious copyright infringements and restraint of trade attempts. It appears that CAIR has taken to urging Savage's key sponsors to pull the plug on his show. CAIR's operatives are also accused of quoting Savage's radio scripts out of context in their on line fund raising efforts. This site would be worth visiting even if Michael Savage were not suing CAIR. It's now become even more relevant since he has dared to challenge in the hallowed halls of justice America's most dangerous group of Muslim fifth columnists.

Author, syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin is probably one of the most outspoken and persuasive advocates for a tougher, more robust stand against jihad and Islamic terrorism. Malkin doesn't mince her words and always seems to have the necessary facts at hand to support her persuasive view point. Some of Michelle's books have become best sellers including "Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals and Other Foreign Mercenaries To Our Shores".

"Promoting American Interests" is the byline of the Middle East Forum, a think tank that defines U.S. interests to include fighting radical Islam via a mandate addressing the entire spectrum of terrorism's threat to the United State's presence in the Middle East. The Forum takes proactive stands designed to urge the use of decisive measures to protect America and its allies.

The International Campaign Against Sharia Courts in Canada, also known as, is one of several web sites appearing after the Province of Ontario passed  legislation several years ago permitting the establishment and sanctioning of sharia courts as legal alternatives to resolving civil and domestic disputes. This ruling appears to be the original "camel's nose under the tent flap" event that allowed sharia to establish a tenacious foot hold in North America. The resulting controversy continues without resolution in Ontario and most other Canadian provinces.
They call themselves the Society of Americans for National Existence , or SANE, and they are dedicated to preserving America's national existence which they define as "a unique people bound together through a commitment to America's Judeo-Christian moral foundation...". Fighting domestic and international terrorism falls under SANE's broad mandate for preserving the American way of life as well as a variety of other timely subjects. SANE is the parent organization of the Mapping Sharia project described above.

This listing represents a distilled sampling of web sites devoted to combating sharia and fighting the war against the Muslim jihadists. Sharia Alert updates this section regularly in an effort to provide a representative cross section of the rapidly growing anti-jihadist data base appearing in the English language.