"It Takes A Village" Feel Good Experiment Backfires

The Arabic words appearing below were displayed on small, beige signs in late 2006 on 170 Richmond Transit Company buses and on university campuses in the Richmond, Virginia area. As expected, the unusual signs elicited numerous comments and inquiries from concerned members of the traveling public and local college students. Some callers urged metro transit officials to immediately contact the FBI.

Rather than a call for jihad, the Arabic sign says "paper or plastic" and was the brainchild of a local ad agency commissioned by the Virginia Interfaith Center as part of its "A More Perfect Union" project, an effort designed to dispel the public's fear of the Muslim community. Sponsors of the signs hoped to extend the campaign statewide.

Instead of building bridges between opposing factions in the community, the "paper or plastic" experiment actually highlighted the deep seated fear and suspicion of Islam now prevalent in many of our towns and cities.

The executive director of "A More Perfect Union" insisted she was pleased to receive so much feedback from the experiment, even though it was largely negative. She naively concluded that the campaign demonstrated "people are looking and thinking". What the campaign really disclosed was that people fear Islam and its embedded Muslim terrorists. The violent death on 9/11 of 3,000 innocent people provided Americans with ample justification for this mistrust.

Despite the fact that the Pew Global Attitudes Project disclosed that over half of Muslims living in Europe do not believe Arabs were involved in the 9/11 attacks, all Americans know that on September 11, 2001 nineteen Muslims tried to destroy our economy, seat of government and
military command structure. Sharia Alert is dedicated to the military and civilian heroes who gave their lives to prevent Muslim terrorists from achieving total victory during their first multiple attack on the United States.

Become A Careful Observer In Your Community

Joseph Shahda is waging a private war on militant Islam and you may be able to help him. In September, 2007 this Christian-Lebanese engineer was directly responsible for shutting down 40 militant Islamist web sites. The sudden darkening of terrorist internet sites puzzled federal counter terrorism officials, but not Boston-based Shahda who devotes much of his spare time to pulling the plug on such operations. Though Mr. Shahda concedes that disabling terrorist web sites could detract from their potential intelligence value, the hate and venom they dispense makes it well worth his time from an ethical point of view. If you discover an Islamic terrorist web site, try contacting Joseph Shahda via an internet search. He could be interested in taking out the site for you.

Become involved in the deliberations of your local city government and school administrators. Make it a point to attend as many of their public meetings as possible. Local government meeting agendas are usually published in advance, so watch for items with a possible sharia flavor. Islamists pushing their creeping sharia agenda on the local level often begin with requests for public recognition of Muslim holidays. Since the Muslim calendar is liberally salted with such days, the potential for such efforts is virtually unlimited. You should be prepared to argue persuasively against the relevance and fairness of these requests. This is particularly important when, as is often the case, there are very few Muslims based in your locality. When  "on-the-clock" Muslim prayer time or special school lunch menu changes are demanded by Islamic activists, insist on similar concessions for the Christian and Jewish majority. You are paying the lion's share of the property taxes being expended to keep your local school doors open.

Conduct an informal Neighborhood Sharia Watch to check for signs of  suspicious activity in or around mosques, Islamic community centers or other  Islamic facilities in your community. Bear in mind what you are able to observe casually is often just the tip of the sharia iceberg. Terrorist plots in the U.S. that have been nipped in the bud by federal authorities often used a mosque as a strategic base of operations. If you are unfortunate enough to have a chapter of CAIR or MSA in your area, watch for their sanctimonious ecumenical efforts and pro-diversity activities. Muslim activists are very proficient at appearing to ally themselves with liberal members of the Christian and Jewish clergy. If you detect attempts to afford Islam a disproportionately large footprint in your community, protest such decisions via appropriate local venues. Contacting Anti-CAIR or SANE are other options, particularly if it is unclear that any laws or regulations are actually being broken.

Read the Qur'an. Several excellent English translations can be found in most larger bookstores. Many are replete with interpretative footnotes attempting to explain the more arcane passages of this rather strange collection of writings. A word of warning: The Qur'an is not a quick read. If you thought the Book of Genesis was repetitious, you are in for a surprise. That being said, there are three important reasons to delve into the pages of the Qur'an: You will  discover first hand that Islam is actually not a religion of peace or tolerance and does not call for the treatment all peoples with equal dignity and respect. You will also learn that Islam deals a bad hand to women while affording men a variety of special privileges. Finally, you will be able to counter assertions by Islamists that you are ignorant of the basic elements of their religion.

Become a concerned citizen voter. Determine how to contact your local, state and federal elected representatives. Most maintain staffs who you can actually speak to in person. These people are trained to adroitly diffuse upset voters, but they also must keep a running tally of public opinion on hot button issues. Written communication to your politicians is equally helpful and establishes a paper trail which does not dissipate as quickly as a random phone call. Avoid communicating with elected officials via email as this medium usually receives less attention than telephone calls or letters. When Congress is considering legislation pertaining to such issues as secure border enforcement, the Patriot Act, homeland security and the War on Terror, inform your senators and representatives that you expect them to take a firm stand to strengthen America's response to terrorism. Fighting the war against Islamofacism begins in your home town. What you observe of sharia in your community is only a hint of the problems it can inflict upon America if allowed to grow and multiply with impunity.

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"The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself"

Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke these memorable words in his first Inaugural Address on March 4, 1933 in an effort to reassure and calm an anxious Nation. The Republic was then in the depths of the worst economic depression in living memory.

Today terrorism perpetrated by Islamic radicals provides the primary focus for America's anxiety. Our fear of militant Islam prompts us to make special concessions to Muslims without realizing the significance of such compromises. We fail to grasp the irony of acquiescing to Muslim school prayer requests while prohibiting our own children from using the word "Christmas" in school. America's "Pledge of Allegiance" no longer honors our flag every morning in most class rooms across the Nation. School officials live in constant fear of the next ACLU lawsuit while they affably delete pork from cafeteria menus and grant Muslims special prayer privileges in order to silence a hand full of strident militants.

How is it that a religion constituting less than less than one percent of America's population manages to wield disproportionate power over the remaining 99.2 percent of the Nation? Less than 2,400,000 Muslims residing in the U.S. have achieved their disproportionate power via the terror and intimidation perpetrated by the 19 Muslim highjackers. American Islam now drives in the fast lane on the momentum it suddenly achieved on 9/11. Islamists employ creeping sharia on the local level to achieve their agenda, one seemingly innocuous step at a time. They are confident we will submit to their demands. Islam has quickly learned that appeasement comes naturally to a nation that has tuned its back on its patriotic heritage and is reluctant to support its brave military service men and women.

The fact that the number of Muslims in the United State has increased by  over 100 percent since 1990 is sobering. It is only mildly reassuring to note that the U.S. Department of Justice reports at least 15 percent of these Muslims are now incarcerated in state and federal prisons. Recognizing that prison overcrowding often leads to the early release of all but the most hardened criminals, it may not be long before many of these miscreants are once again living among us.

We can win this war against militant Islam and its brutal doctrine of terrorism if we stand up for the principles that first made this Nation great. Our failure to challenge Fifth Column Islamists living in our midsts may doom us to defeat and eventual subjugation by an Islamic caliphate and brutal sharia courts. FDR's reminder that "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself " is as timely today as it was over 75 years ago.